Q & A: Driving While License Revoked

I’ve been charged with driving while license revoked. What kind of penalty does this charge carry?

Most people don’t know that the consequences of a conviction of Driving While Licensed Revoked in North Carolina can be severe. Many individuals charged with this offense do not realize that it is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in North Carolina punishable by up to 120 days in jail depending upon the individual’s prior record. Additionally, a conviction of Driving While License Revoked may cause your license to be revoked for at least an additional year, and in some cases for individuals with multiple convictions, it may permanently suspend their right to obtain a driving privilege in this state.

How can the Johnson & Johnson Attorneys at Law P.L.L.C. help me with regard to the charge of Driving While License Revoked?

Retaining an experienced attorney from our firm about your case can help you minimize, and often eliminate, the adverse effects of Driving While License Revoked. Our goal at Johnson & Johnson is to benefit you in the following ways:

  1. A negotiated reduction of your present offense to minimize or eliminate the consequences of your driving record and insurance rates.
  2. Outstanding service and results at reasonable fees.

If I’m charged with Driving While License Revoked what is the bottom line? What do I need to do?

Hire an attorney to represent you. You will have an experienced professional working hard to get you the most favorable result. An attorney from Johnson & Johnson Attorneys at Law P.L.L.C. can possibly obtain a dismissal or a reduced penalty for you. No one in today’s business world can afford to lose his or her license. No one should ever run the risk of driving while their license is revoked because they decided to ignore a traffic citation. We have years of experience in handling traffic cases. Our office is located at 302 West Broad Street Elizabethtown, North Carolina. We practice in Bladen Coumbus and Brunswick counties. Our telephone number is (910) 862-2252.

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